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Explain to you what effect silicone masterbatch has on modified PP

来源 发布时间:2019年05月22日
The effects of silicone masterbatch on PP modification are as follows:

(1) Silicone masterbatch effectively improves the processing function of modified PP: high mixing rate, activity, filling, demoulding and reducing die accumulation. Significantly reduce friction coefficient, improve smoothness, reduce processing energy consumption, improve production efficiency, extend the service life of processing equipment.

(2) Silicone masterbatch improves the dispersion of modified PP pigments and fillers, and has good stability and non-migration.

(3) Silicone masterbatch can effectively improve the melting rate and deformability of modified PP, reduce viscosity, improve plasticization and prevent melt bursting. Improve the smoothness, gloss, tactile and wear resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance of modified PP products, increase elongation and impact strength of suspension beams.

(4) Silicone masterbatch can be blended with the mixture of magnesium stearate, ammonium polyphosphate, aluminium hydroxide and pentaerythritol, which can not only polymerize with the base material, but also react with the organic silicon polymer synergistically. The mutual permeability of the two polymers can promote the formation of carbon layer and prevent the formation of smoke and flame to achieve good flame retardant effect.

(5) Silicone masterbatch, as a safety and environmental protection additive for modified PP, fully meets the EU environmental protection standards.