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As a new type of silicone plastic additive, do you know its application method and field

来源 发布时间:2019年05月22日
A special process is used to modify the dispersion of powder or particle or ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer fine powder prepared by new silicone lubricant dispersion target resin filler.The disadvantages of silicone lubricants in traditional plastics: the use of silicone oil for a comprehensive solution optimizes the bonding surface of the plastic surface with low surface energy, serious product migration and subsequent treatment of joint surface modification effects.A new silicone lubricant siloxane plastic additive in the thermoplastic extrusion, molding process of injection pressure, because the thermal stability of the polymer chain is compatible with the new silicone lubricant polymer, quickly and evenly dispersed in the molten plastic fluid.Silicone lubricant is unique in the main chain structure, in a variety of Si - O - key - [R of organic groups is the side chain of polymer structure, and vinyl resin polymer chain is similar to the CC is different, thus forming a distribution to the movement of the plastic parts lock that the uniform of the images of silicone polymer crosslinked polymer network (IPN) and was incorporated into in a specific distribution, through a similar mechanism, so as to promote the lubrication based polymer filler dispersion structure, improve coarse, a series of flame retardant effect. Plastic lubricant, silicone lubricant,Application and application method of silicone masterbatch new silicone plastic additive:PP, PE, EVA, EPDM, ABS, PA, PC, PBT, PPO, PPS, POM thermoplastic applicable to wide open sealing strip plastic deformation, the use of halogen-free flame retardant cable described from individual to promote large injection molding parts, thin walled compound plastic parts, plastic pipe, etc. How to use: new silicone lubricant additive is proportional to the thermoplastic resin, silicone resin and molding. In plastic processing, can be widely used Yu Zainai impact, lubricity, dispersion and fluidity improver, in order to improve the flame retardancy, such as an anti-caking agent and synergistic agent, flame retardant, lubricant, hydrophobic agent,Release agent, etc., for example: polyethylene is used in aluminum hydroxide flame retardant synergistic agent/magnesium oxide halogen-free flame retardants, general purpose polystyrene, and lubricant. Impact modifiers for polyolefin cable production not only has excellent flame retardant effect, but also improve the cable surface gloss, tactility, insulation and aging resistance. Used in senior shoes, can make the plastic shoes outsole with high wear resistance and scratch resistance. Suitable for all kinds of modified plastics: 1. Suitable for high filling, halogen free flame retardant, high filling, strengthen the system of thermoplastics.