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Silicone masterbatch and silicone in the current state of social development

来源 发布时间:2019年05月22日
Ultra high molecular weight organic silicon and thermoplastic polymer used as internal additives, to improve the processing and surface properties, such as, in order to reduce the friction coefficient, increase the wear resistance and speed up the molding cycle, reduce the screw torque, such as ultra-high molecular weight silicon oxygen can improve the performance of the plastic. It is more effective than low molecular weight silicone, but it also has disadvantages. It is difficult to deal with. In order to solve this problem, will be made of solid plastic additives, ultra high molecular weight siloxane has two forms: : one kind is masterbatch, the other is a powder. They have unique advantages. This is known as the organic silicon masterbatch and organic silicon powder. Siloxane is the ultra high molecular weightThe best organosilicon masterbatch in the world. The content can be up to 50%, the rest 50% is polymer carrier. The content of ultra-high molecular weight siloxane in the world's best organosilicon powder can reach 75%, and the remaining 25% is ultra-fine silica powder. AST - 50 is a kind of ultra-high molecular weight of hyperbranched modified organic silicon resin, chemical materials co., LTD., the unique technology by Shanghai zhe China synthetic. Can be widely used all kinds of high polymer material, to improve the surface scratch resistance, reduce the surface friction coefficient, improve processing. Unlike traditional organic silicon masterbatch, multifunctional additives, such as performance of lasting, permanent and efficient characteristics. They are not in polymer material migration or precipitation, and in painting, printing, electroplating, etc. No negative effects. The AST - 50 is a kind of multifunctional additives, main function is: Surface properties of AST-50 organosilicon masterbatch A. Greatly improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of composite materials;Reduce the surface friction coefficient;Improve the surface gloss, eliminate surface defects; B. Improve the compatibility between glass fiber and plastic, reduce fiber breakage and improve the floating phenomenon; C, the scratch resistance is durable and can meet the more stringent wear resistance characteristics of composite materials; D. No negative effect on surface printing, painting, adhesion and electroplating;Unique silky smooth feeling. Processing properties of AST-50 organosilicon masterbatch A, increase the filling amount, increase the extrusion amount, and increase the output;Reduce melt breakage;Improve the filling and stripping performance;B, reduce the internal stress, low warping, reduce the welding mark problem, reduce the defect rate;The excellent smoothness of the material is suitable for high-speed and heavy-duty applications, and improves the durability of the product.