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Take you to understand the current state and development of silicone masterbatch

来源 发布时间:2019年05月22日
Ultra high molecular weight organic silicon and thermoplastic polymer temporary processing effect and is used as additive to progress appearance features, such as: reduce the friction coefficient, increase wear resistance function and speed up the molding cycle, reduce the screw torque and so on, the progress of ultra high molecular weight siloxane can better plastic function, relatively low molecular weight organic silicon will be more useful, but has its drawbacks as well as difficult to processing, in order to solve this problem, ultra-high molecular weight siloxane was made of solid plastic additives, and comes in two forms: one kind is masterbatch, the other one is powder, they have unique advantages, this is known as silicone masterbatch and silicone powder.The international best silicone masterbatch temporary ultra high molecular weight siloxane content can be up to 50%, the other 50% of the polymer carrier.The international best silicone powder temporary ultra high molecular weight siloxane content can reach 75%, the other 25% ingredients are ultra-fine silica powder. Ast-50 is a modified organic silicone resin with ultra high molecular weight that exceeds the standard. Various kinds of polymer materials can be widely used to improve the surface anti-scratch property, reduce the surface friction coefficient, improve the processing function and other multi-function additives. Different from the traditional silicone masterbatch, it has long-term effect, permanence and high efficiency.There is no migration and separation in the polymer data, and there is no negative effect on painting, printing, electroplating and so on.Ast-50 is a multi-functional auxiliary agent, whose main functions are: AST-50 silicone masterbatch in the surface function A. significantly improve the wear resistance and scratch resistance of composite materials;Reduce the friction coefficient on the surface;Improve appearance gloss, eliminate appearance defects;B. improve the compatibility between glass fiber and plastic, reduce fiber breakage and improve floatation;C. Its scratch resistance has long-term effect and permanence, which can meet the more severe wear resistance characteristics of composite materials;D. No negative effect on exterior printing, painting, adhesion and electroplating;Unique soft and silky feel. AST-50 silicone masterbatch in processing function A. make progress in filling modulus, extrusion quantity and output value;Reduce melt breakage;Improve the function of filling and demoulding;B. Reduce the internal stress, low warping, reduce the welding mark problem and reduce the defect rate;C. Endow the data with excellent slip, suitable for high-speed and heavy load occasions, and improve the product's patience.